Fife is my life!

Welcome to Fife is My Life ...

Home of Don Knott's Impersonator "Rik".

What can "BARN" do for you?

Comedian Rik Roberts has traveled the country for the past ten years taking his act to nearly every state in the union.

He found one thing to be consistent everywhere he traveled:

People absolutely loved his Barney Fife Impression!

Rik is now expanding his impression and taking it across America to Fairs, Corporate Events, Festivals, and everywhere in between.

A Barney Fife Impersonator is a great addition to any event: Retirement Dinners, Awards Banquets, Employee Appreciation Dinners, Birthday Parties, Conventions, Car Shows, Boat Shows, Baseball Games, Sports Events, Grand Openings, Holiday Parties, even as a Singing Telegram.

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