Jason Michaels Illusionist!


    How will Jason Michaels best work for you?

Whether it is providing magical entertainment at a cocktail party or holiday function, creating a buzz for your company in a trade show environment or amazing an audience of hundreds performing his full evening stage show, Jason Michaels is your answer for creating a unique and memorable event.

Here are some of the services Jason Michaels offers:

Strolling Magic – Jason creates intimate miracles for small groups of people using cards, coins, and other everyday items. Guests love this type of interaction, because they can be involved and the magic actually happens in their hands. Jason has had all types of reactions to his strolling magic – from stunned, awed silences to outright hysterical laughter and bewilderment. Typically this style of entertainment is best suited for receptions, cocktail parties, hospitality suites…anywhere a large crowd will be mixing and mingling. Their response will leave nothing to be desired.

Having a cocktail party, hospitality suite, or other event where guests will be mixing and mingling? Well let’s spice up your event with some of Jason’s STROLLING MAGIC. Picture this – While sipping on premium cocktails and munching on scrumptious hors d’oeuvres, small groups of guests will be joined by Jason who will perform some of his unique STROLLING MAGIC right in front of their eyes. Many times Jason’s magic actually happens in their very hands!

Some of Jason’s STROLLING MAGIC features:

  • A selected, signed playing card is hopelessly lost in the deck. When Jason throws the pack of playing cards at the ceiling, the signed card sticks as the rest of the deck falls back into waiting hands!!!
  • An unbelievable feat of mind reading, where Jason draws on subtle psychological ploys and his intuition to reveal a spectator’s birthdate!
  • One of a kind magic customized for special events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries that will create lifelong memories your guests will never forget!

Jason’s STROLLING MAGIC is best suited to help break the ice or add some flair to larger events. Typically, Jason strolls from group to group and performs his magic from 3 to 10 minutes depending on the group’s dynamic. Make your event the Talk of the Town by utilizing Jason Michaels and his unforgettable impossibilities!

Stand Up – While similar to strolling magic, Jason’s show entitled Majik is more diverse and theatrically structured. Utilizing his skills as an actor, Jason creates a magical ambience through strong magic, audience participation and plot driven presentations. Formal close up is the perfect addition to dinner parties, business and sales meetings and smaller events that need to be remembered.


Majik employs JASON MICHAELS’ unique skills and talents as a modern-day mystifier to transport the audience from their mundane, workaday world into a magical realm of infinite possibilities and mind-bending impossibilities. Jason creates a magical ambience and powerful experience by combining his theatre background with strong magic, audience participation and plot-driven presentations. Audience members can expect Jason’s illusions and impossibilities to thrill them, amaze them, and lead them even to re-evaluate their perception of reality. Because of the intimate nature of Majik, the show plays best for audiences of no more than 40 guests.

Illusions featured in JASON MICHAELS’ Majik:

  • An intimate illusion with a borrowed one-dollar bill. Even though the bill never leaves the audiences’ sight, a spectator’s $1 bill visibly morphs into a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL!!! Astounding…but will you believe your eyes when Jason then hands the genuine $100 bill to the spectator…to keep?!! (For obvious reasons, one of Jason’s most requested—and talked about—illusions!)
  • A young lady from the audience reads a passage from a book silently to herself. As the tension builds, Jason concentrates and begins to read her mind. Are your deepest thoughts safe when Jason turns his focus on you?

Majik is the perfect formal entertainment for smaller events and parties. Because of the intimate nature of the show, the audience is able to be directly involved and can enjoy each other’s company while they simultaneously enjoy Jason’s magic! Your guests and associates will thank you over and over for planning such a unique and memorable occasion.

Stage Show – Pulsating Music, Beautiful Dancers, and Theatrical Illusions are just the beginning of this extravaganza. Jason draws from an extensive background in magic and theater to create an experience full of fun and amazement. From astounding audience participation impossibilities to intense character driven magical sketches, The Magic World of Jason Michaels is the answer for a unique evening. The show can be performed outright or it can be divided into sections to fit into another program. Jason’s stage magic is perfect for formal gatherings such as banquet dinners, traditional theatrical settings, and anywhere a large audience needs to be entertained






THE MAGIC WORLD OF JASON MICHAELS combines all the elements of great theatre with the power of magic and illusion.

Jason’s unique theatre and magic background form a solid base that supports an imaginative and unconventional approach to the art of magic.

Features from Jason’s show include:

  • A hysterical visit with Jason’s “Uncle” from the ‘70’s culminating with an audience members’ borrowed bill being destroyed, then impossibly found inside an object that has been in full view the entire time
  • Jason transports the audience back into the colorful history of conjuring to spend some time with a charming, lovable rogue from the Renaissance period. As colorful balls magically appear and vanish beneath brass cups, you’ll be witness to the oldest known classic of magic as The Cups and Balls take on a Shakespearean flair.
  • Exploring the roots of magic with a playlet about an ancient Magician that combines acting, dance, and stagecraft and climaxes with a breathtaking swordbasket illusion.

Audiences love Jason Michaels’ ability to create a truly magical and entertaining evening. THE MAGIC WORLD OF JASON MICHAELS is a full stage production that can be adapted to fit cruise ships, theatres, casinos, banquet dinners, etc. When the holidays approach or an annual sales meeting draws near, decision makers and event planners can rest assured that Jason Michaels will create a fun, charged atmosphere and everyone (including the bosses) will be impressed with your choice of entertainment. If a large group needs to be entertained THE MAGIC WORLD OF JASON MICHAELS should be your first choice!

In addition to these services, Jason can tailor magical presentations to help get your message across. Whether it is to draw a crowd, pamper a client or for pure entertainment, Jason Michaels is the solution for your event. Please contact Pro Entertainment Nashville to book me for your next special Event!

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