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     Frame Tents    

Frame Tents
A frame style tent is a versatile, free standing structure which can be installed on just about any surface. A rigid framework of heavy duty aluminum pipe is constructed and the vinyl canopy is fitted on the frame before erecting. With no center poles in a frame tent, you get an unobstructed interior.
10' x 10'
10' x 20'
20' x 20'
20' x 30'
20' x 40'
30' x 30'
30' x 45'
30' x 60'

Pole Tents
A traditional pole tent is erected using center poles to push up the canopy. The tent is then stabilized with guylines at each of the side poles. Because the guylines must be staked into the ground, this style tent requires an earthen or soft surface. We can install a pole tent on an asphalt surface and patch the stake holes upon removal of the tent. For a festival party atmosphere, a pole tent is the way to go.

40' x 40'
40' x 60'
40' x 80'
40' x 100'
40' x 120'

Expandable Marquee
Walkways are available at $100 per 10 ft. section (9' wide, up to 100' long). They may connect two or more tents or be installed to lead to an existing structure. In addition to adding weather protection for guest, walkways also add a special flair to the overall layout and presentation.

Air Conditioning and Heating  $ Call for Pricing
Tent Permits  $150.00


Tables  Event Set-Up and Delivery

6ft Banquet Table
8ft Banquet Table
30" Round Table (30" High)
30" Round Cocktail Table (42" High)
30" Square Table (30" High)
30" Square Cocktail Table (42" High)
30" Triangle Table (30" High)
30" Triangle Cocktail Table (42" High)
36" Round Table
48" Round Table
60" Round Table
72" Round Table
Serpentine Table (3' x 5' Per Section)
Table Number Stands
8ft Bar Table w/Skirting
8ft Children's Table
Poker Tables



White Folding
Black Folding
White Poly Wood Garden Chair w/ Padded Seat
Black Poly Wood Garden Chair w/ Padded Seat
Natural Wood Garden Chair w/ Padded Seat
White Wood Garden Chair w/ Padded Seat
Fruitwood Chavari w/ Ivory Cushion
Children's Chair




Grand Central Party Rental, Inc. 

90" round
108" Round
120" Round
132" Round
90" x 132"
90" x 156"
Banquet Cloth
90" x 90" Square
72" x 72" Square
Table Skirting
Napkins 20" x 20" (Basic Solid Color)
Chair Covers w/ Tie
Chair Covers Universal

Colors Available Include: White, Ivory, Beige, Maize, Lemon, Peach, Orange, Terra Cotta, Chocolate, Mint, Lime, Kelly, Hunter, Turquoise, Aqua, Light Blue, Periwinkle, Navy, Light Pink, Pink, Red, Purple, Cherry Red, Lilac, Claret, Purple, Grey, Black.

Specialty Linens: Iridescent Crush, Pintuck, Bengaline Moire, Shenille Taffeta, Shear Shenille, Taffeta, Themed, Damask, Organza, Satin, Stripe, Lace, Lame and others.

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