Note: Not all of these locations located below will allow stripers (exotic dancers) or any other type of telegram that is sent out  to perform at some location. Must have an authorization from either the owner or the manager of the business. The list below are places that we have done business with. Pro Entertainment Nashville provides this information in helping you put your party together! We do not guarantee that the person in charge of the business at this time will say yes or no. It may or may not be ok, based on what the business may have going on at that time. So we always require an authorization from the owner or manager of the business. This list was made for you, helping to lead you in he right direction.                    

Thanks, Pro Entertainment Nashville & The Party Bus.

Places to rent for Gatherings, Events & Parties!
1. Through The Grape Vine (Murfreesboro) Click Here for more info on Banquet Suite or Dining Room
2. Buffalo Billiards & Havana Lounge
3. The Castle ( Down town Nashville off 2nd Ave.)  Click here for pictures inside and out. (4 clubs ,4 stories high)
4. NV's Bar & Night Club ( Down town Nashville off 2nd Ave.) Click here for pictures of club
5. Empire after hours club (opens at 2am till?) Click here for pictures of club.
6. Checker Bar (265 Hermitage Ave Nashville Tn.)  Click Here: To see pictures of this Bar! It can be rented for special occasions! They also have an outside area with stage and Dj booth. Bikers Welcome!
Night Clubs / Bars & Pubs
Click on Red Links to go to web sites and web pages, to night clubs below.
NV  & Nightclub (131 2nd Ave. N.)  Click here:  to see upstairs of NV's night club. This can be rented for special events. (get specials rates when you purchase entertainment from Pro Entertainment Nashville ask for details!)18 or older  OR   NV's Night Club   For NV's web site! Here you can see updated info on NV's Special Engagements and Parties! You also can see pictures of the 2 floor dance club and the people in it! Great music and also a great place to celebrate that special someone's event!
Bar Of Nashville (on 2nd Ave. before Broadway down town) Click Here to see pictures of the one big huge party room in Nashville Tn. Bar dancing and great music.
Graham Central Station (Middle of  2nd Ave. down town)  Click Here  To see 4 floors of fun, dancing and Karaoke! (21 and older only)  located down town Nashville off 2nd street.  
Checkers  Biker Bar (265 Hermitage Ave Nashville Tn.)  Click Here: To see pictures of this Bar! It can be rented for special occasions! They also have an outside area with stage and Dj booth. Bikers Welcome!
Hurricanes ( off 2nd ave down town)
Silverado's (1204 Murfreesboro Pike)
The Curve Sports Bar & Grill ( 568 Waldron RD. Laverne TN. 37086 )   The Curve Bar & Grill  see information on this club and other events on this web site. Live music, Bands & Disc Jockeys.
Dad's Place (Ramada Inn, Murfreesboro Rd.)
Geckos (579 Stewarts Ferry Pk)
Courtyard Cafe ( In Antioch by Harding Mall)
12th & Porter (114 12th Ave. N)
The Beer Cellar (107 Church St)
Mr. V's (617 7th Ave. S.)
The Trap (country club live entertainment)
Georgia's (1716 Antioch Pk)
Boardwalk Cafe (4114 Nolensville Pk)
Club Reno's (434 H 46 S. Dickson, TN)
Club Millennium (Tullahoma TN)
Bourbon Street Blues (220 Printers Alley)
Thirsty Turtle (Lebanon TN)
The Social Club (Downtown area)
The Cantina (Cummings Station)
23. Bikini Beach Club ( off Antioch Pike across form Sam's Club)
24 Mustang Sally's Bar (1800 Dickerson Rd)
25 Borderline Tavern Biker Bar (200 Howerton Rd)
26 The Matrix ( 3760 Nolensville Pike )
27 Papa's Road House (3261 Hillsboro High, Manchester, TN)
28 The Sugar Shack (2551 Madison St., Clarksville, TN)
29 The La La Lounge ( bottom of Cummings Station down town )
30 C. G. Froggys (Manchester, TN)
31 Star Light (3976 Dickerson Pike)
Restaurants/ Cafe
1. O'Charlie's (off Murfreesboro. rd close to Thompson Ln. )

101st Airborne (1360 Murfreesboro Rd.)

3. The Iguana (1910 Belcourt Ave.)
4. Outback Steakhouse (1560 Gallatin Rd.)
5. The Stick (Clarksville, TN )
6. Hooters (2nd Ave. & Harding Rd.)
7. Vinny's Pizza (Have dancer deliver pizza)
8. Courtyard Cafe (867 Bell Rd)

All Motels & Hotels
Provide the room number to Pro Entertainment, the entertainer will be sent to the room.

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