Dancing Gorilla!

 ( PG Rated Strip-o-gram/Dance-o-gram )

Male Gorilla - before undressing    Male Gorilla - after undressing

Have or male gorilla come and pick thru that special person's hair making a gorilla sound jumping around then just when they think its all over the gorilla will do a strip-o-gram taking his clothes off to some music!

You can have this character strip down without all the skin shown because it's a costume character doing the strip! We call this our PG Rated Strip-o-gram! This telegram can be done in public areas. Perfect for that Adult Birthday party, Bachelorette Party, Surprise Party, Anniversary ...........!

 The picture to the right with the banana is the most you will see after they taken there close off! It is funny and very embarrassing to the person you are having the telegram done for, without showing all the skin that an exotic dancer does!

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